Facebook updates for 2019

Facebook updates for 2019

The guys from Facebook never fail to amaze us with the next updates of the platform. You can use some of the newest updates on the most famous social network to boost your marketing campaigns in 2019.

1.Add product stickers to your Instagram stories

The users who are viewing your story will not only be able to get details about the product and other information but they can also click and go to your website to make a purchase.


2. Augmented reality ads

When your users click on “Tap to try on” call-to-action button on your ad they will be able to test your product by using their phone camera. How cool is that?


3. Special ads for apps

This new feature is specially for game apps and it allows consumers to try the game before they buy it.


4. Elimination of Partner Categories product

The Partner Categories product which is available on the Ads Manager will be eliminated.

Due to the Cambridge Analytica scandal Facebook will start to consider previous engagement and activities to determine users’ interests. However Facebook recently announced that third-party companies will still be present on Facebook, but the social network won’t be responsible for data ownership or usage.




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