What Are The Top 5 Website Must-Haves

What Are The Top 5 Website Must-Haves

I always hated reading long intros, so I’ll be brief.

If you’ve decided to create your website by yourself there are some crucial things you should have on it:

  1. Pages


The basic website consists of the following pages:

Home – that’s the first page people see when they open your website. Make it catchy and make sure that it gets your clients attention. If you have a business website – include description of your services or if you have a blog – place your latest posts on the home page.

About – this is the page which should have information about you, why you’re in business, a little background information and preferably a picture of you.

Blog – here is where the archive of your publications should be. You can organize your posts in different categories, sort them by date or anything else you think will be useful to your visitors.  Of course, remember to post regularly.

Services – For business websites – this is the place for your services. It should include more detailed information about them (than the info on your home page). You may or may not put your prices here. It’s also essential to put some pictures so that your potential customers can visualize the whole process from the purchasing to actually getting the product. Consider the “Services” page the landing page of your website.

Contact – Include your address (for businesses), e-mail, telephone number, interactive Google Map with your coordinates and of course a contact form for your customers to fill.


  1. Chat box

It’s super easy to add a chat box to your website. If you are using WordPress – just install a free or paid plugin. It usually requires very little adjustment. Another option is to connect your chat box to your Facebook page and receive the messages directly there. By the way you can also use a chat bot, but most likely you will have to pay to get it done for you.


  1. Cookies and GDPR

You should absolutely add the cookie policy and the GDPR agreement on your website if you are using any kind of Google Analytics or Facebook pixel code and of course if you are collecting data from your clients which are from the EU.


  1. Social media links

Another must are the social media buttons which will lead your clients to your accounts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or wherever you have an account. Consider also adding buttons for sharing and/or liking on social media under your blog posts.


  1. Logo, colors and fonts


    If you are just starting out in business or blogging, you must decide what your logo will be, what colors you will use and of course what fonts. Remember that these three are really important for your website. Their combination will create an emotion in your visitors and they will associate your business with it.


Before you go… I have just two more tips:

*Make sure your website looks good on all types of devices and operating systems.

**Add metatags to your pages and posts.


Hurray… now you know the basics for building a website. Go and try them! If you still need help just contact us!


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